Switchboard is a communication and data sharing platform developed to provide everyday families and individuals with greater insight into what is happening in their community by breaking down some of the traditional challenges of accessing and understanding government data and alerts.  With simplified end user alerts and awareness messaging at its core, Switchboard utilises push notifications to share key data, connecting and engaging communities with their local Council, state government and service providers on matters that matter to them. It responds to the decline in the government’s ability to engage and communicate with the community in a manner, time and format that they expect unilaterally across their lives. Functionality will include notifications of nearby development applications, ‘where is my nearest’ search function, community events and alerts, extreme weather notifications, traffic and service outages, with opportunities to patch in feeds from 3rd party platforms.

About the Founders

Chris and Beth are Executives at Place Design Group, a firm that works at the intersection of town planning, urban design, community engagement and data science. Chris was awarded the Australian Planner of the Year in 2015, and is currently a member of the World Cities Summit Young Leaders Program.  Beth was named as an Australian Emerging Leader – Architecture and Design in 2017 as part of the Women’s Agenda national awards, along with winning the 2017 Women In Leadership, Award for Excellence by the Urban Development Institute of Australia (Qld).