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SciGround opens a new world of science discovery for kids. With three out of four of the fastest growing jobs requiring skills in science, technology, engineering and maths, fostering a love of these subjects for children at a young age is vital. SciGround uses the technology that kids love to get them outdoors exploring the world again, by augmenting the physical world with rich digital experiences and games. By providing learning opportunities for kids across the world, SciGround will connect children, their families and teachers with the intrigue of science, regardless of their location.

About the Founder

Andy Barley is the Founder and Director of SciGround. His experience includes developing science education programs at two large Australian science organisations, ANSTO and Questacon. Andy holds a Master of Science Communication from the Australian National University. During his Masters, Andy travelled across Australia with Questacon – Australia’s national science centre – taking hands-on science into regional and remote communities. Andy is also a consultant with the Foundation for Young Australians’ YLab initiative, working on bringing social entrepreneurship to the business and government sectors.