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Recrew is a flexible, scalable technology built for organisations that need to secure replacement staff at short notice. Built to serve both small businesses and large open marketplaces, Recrew’s advanced technology plugs into an organisation’s database of workers to manage the out-reach and match-making for last minute jobs. Our machine learning algorithm analyses and learns from multiple levels of data to source the best possible worker, in the shortest amount of time.

Recrew’s technology captures response rate, response time and reliability across workers and maps this across multiple scenarios to learn who the most reliable candidates are for each unique job request. On the worker side, Recrew uses natural language processing to capture feedback on worker preferences to augment its understanding of who the best worker is in each unique scenario. Focusing initially on SMS technology, Recrew is set to evolve into an omni-channel solution to ensure the right message is delivered through the right channel, every time.

In essence, Recrew takes that disorganised staff spreadsheet you have on your desktop and transforms it into a seamless, sophisticated system to be used as the perfect staff sourcing solution.

About the Founder

Mladen Jovanovic has 5+ years hands-on experience within the construction industry, in which he has spent most of his time working closely with specialty trades contractors. Mladen is currently completing his Bachelor of Business with a double major in Accounting and Marketing at UTS. Mladen has won first place at the IBISWorld People, Planet, Profit competition, competed as a finalist in the MBAe Venture Day competition, and won best ICT startup at the University Startup World Cup in Copenhagen (Sept 2017).