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inndox is a digital solution for managing property records and smart building data. It will enable new urban developments to foster more connected communities where people can access and share information about their properties and neighbourhood efficiently and effectively. Property developers can solve property handover issues and enhance their customers’ experience. Property professionals can solve issues to do with paper records management and access needs. inndox will benefit our environment, our communities, property industry related businesses and property owners.

About the Founders

Trish & Andrew Mackie-Smith are Co-founders of inndox. They have been running an award-winning building consultancy business for the past 15 years. Trish was finalist for Optus Businesswoman of the Year 2016 and is a former property lawyer. Andrew won the Master Builders Qld Building Consultant of the Year 2017. Andrew is a building certifier, commercial builder and building consultant. He is the author of “Building Success”.

With 30 years experience in the property industry, they have seen a need for property owners to have a better way of managing their property records/data that will reduce waste, help the environment and improve efficiencies in trade and living.