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Ambient is an Australian company devoted to environmental mapping of our major cities and regions. Our goal is to help Australians understand how transport noise and air quality affect their homes. Ambient produces a range of maps and tabulated data, which show transport-related noise and air quality levels for individual properties and across whole suburbs. Our maps and data cover air traffic noise, road traffic noise, rail noise, air quality and future road noise impacts. Ambient for Enterprise improves the quality of valuations and forecasts, empowering Australians to make the right choices regarding where they live, stay, invest or develop. Ambient for Government allows government and councils to save time, cut costs and eliminate re-work, by switching to the most detailed noise and air quality datasets in Australia.

About the Founder

Ben Hinze is an environmental mapping specialist with a background in acoustic engineering and GIS. He also has experience managing environmental impact assessments of transport infrastructure projects in the areas of air quality, contaminated land and acoustics. Ben is a member of Engineers Australia, the Australian Acoustical Society and he holds RPEQ status.

Ben’s passion lies in taking large quantities of data and turning it into useful information to help people and the cities they live in.