Johanna Pitman, CityConnect Director, recently wrote a great article summarising how technology and new ways of thinking are redefining our world of work. Career expectations, workplaces and ways are working are changing, but as Johanna notes:

Let’s remember, we are primarily social beings, craving meaningful interaction with each other. We are not moving apart from one another, simply moving in different ways.

Today we’re taking a closer look at BlueChilli portfolio startup Coworkally, which is on a mission to create virtual, cowork communities for entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote workers.

There are numerous benefits to greater flexibility in the workplace, for workers and businesses. More people are adopting a more flexible approach to work, choosing to work remotely from cafes or home, changing their work hours from the standard 9-5, or going solo and working for multiple clients in a freelance capacity.

But what about the usual connections we make at the office? The snippets of conversation around the water cooler, going over to your colleagues’ desks to share stories from the weekend and spread encouragement, and the team meetings to celebrate achievements… what of them?

These moments are key in enabling connectivity within the workforce. 

Sure, there’s social media but sometimes it can feel like a distraction rather than a tool that adds to the work you’re trying to accomplish. Enter Coworkally. 

Jessica BlomfieldCoworkally was founded in 2016 by Griffith University PhD student Jessica Blomfield. By adding a social and business layer to her research in organisational behaviour, she has developed a virtual co-working space, a platform dedicated to virtual water cooler moments.

Social connection is powerful. Work is enhanced when we’re surrounded by people who know what we’re working on, that drive us and keep us accountable,  and with whom we can share our achievements and challenges with. Coworkally does just that; it brings together workers and invites them to connect to one another.

The future of work needs to adapt to the ever growing complexity of life. We are demanding more and more from life as opportunities arise and as we gain a better understanding of what satisfies us at work and home. People should have the flexibility to work from anywhere and combine work/life in a way that suits their individual needs – and lets them do great work. 

Following the changing nature of work and increasing Internet access in developing countries, Coworkally has a clear vision in mind for the future:

A global network of free agent workers empowered to drive the next generation of the economy.

Jessica started her entrepreneurial journey last year when she applied and won ChilliPitch, BlueChilli’s university pitch competition in Queensland. As of right now, Jessica is tirelessly developing Coworkally together with our tech team to bring the Coworkally platform to market, and build virtual cowork communities as vibrant and rich as our co-working spaces and workplaces.

Sign up for the trial at and be the first to know when Coworkally launches!