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CityConnect is BlueChilli’s accelerator program for smart cities ideas.

We’re looking for great ideas to reinvent the way we live, work, play, move and trade.

CityConnect is best suited to pre-product teams, because in exchange for 15% equity, it provides a team of startup experts to build your minimum viable product (MVP). In addition, you benefit from a team of Entrepreneurs-in-Residence coaching you through the structured accelerator program, industry mentors, co-working space as well as $25,000.

Here are a few reasons why entrepreneurs choose BlueChilli.

You are not alone

Our accelerator program is tailored to suit the skills and needs of first-time entrepreneurs and individuals with deep industry expertise building a technology business for the first time. Leaving a well-paying job to build a startup is a bold move, and our job is to support you through that journey. We provide:

  • Weekly meetings with an Entrepreneur-in-Residence, your business advisor who has deep experience in startups and an expert in how to accelerate the development of your business
  • Workshops and content to guide you through the process of building your startup, based on our world-class curriculum. Our curriculum covers customer discovery, product development, user testing, marketing, financial modeling, pitching, and personal and professional development of our founders.
  • Subject matter experts in regulatory, legal, technological and industry issues to coach and mentor you as you build your product, and approach customers. See more about our curriculum and list of technology partners here.

As a solo founder I wanted a sense of community where I would have access to advice, mentors and networking opportunities


Tech you can trust

Bringing your technology-based solution to market can be a daunting prospect, and the reality is, 42% of startups fail due to having the wrong tech. BlueChilli houses a suite of technology experts who specialise in creating lean, functional and scalable products.

For participants in the CityConnect accelerator, we assemble a full stack technical team to build your product,including designers, back-end and front-end development, UX, and growth marketing. We assign you a product manager to ensure you stay on track, and to help you manage the product build. We complement your team with the skills you need, when you need them.

Working with BlueChilli as your CTO at this early stage sets you up for success, saving you between $50,000 and $100,000 in building the minimum viable product (MVP).

Everyone was brought in to what we needed to achieve and I couldn’t be happier with the execution


Invested in your success

We’ll provide a $25,000 cash investment to help you manage the costs of building your business. With BlueChilli’s venture fund and a network of VCs and angels, your $25,000 in pre-seed funding is only the beginning. Upon successful completion of the accelerator, any external funding you raise in your next funding round is eligible to apply for matched funding of up to $250,000 from the BlueChilli Venture Fund. And when you’ve validated the idea and you’re ready to hire the right talent to help you grow, we actively help you recruit your own tech team.

The BlueChilli alumni network provides graduates with a long term source of support with monthly workshops and investor events.

For other questions, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

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Our team is dedicated to helping cities and communities flourish through technology and entrepreneurship. Johanna Pitman, Program Director, brings a deep understanding of smart cities and partnerships with government and large organisations. Brett Geoghegan, Accelerator Director, is a serial entrepreneur, startup mentor and Entrepreneur-in-Residence at BlueChilli.

Johanna Pitman

Johanna Pitman

Program Director

Brett Geoghegan

Brett Geoghegan

Accelerator Director

BlueChilli connects entrepreneurs with corporates and investors to solve the world’s greatest challenges with technology. We specialise in helping founders become CEOs, to turn their ideas into successful businesses. Combining the best elements of a digital agency, incubator, accelerator, and venture capital fund to support entrepreneurs along their journey, we’ve partnered with 120 entrepreneurs to date to launch their tech startups. Find out more.

CityConnect is an approved Industry Accelerator Program supported by Advance Queensland.