Cities are sprawling

3 million people move to cities every week.

As cities become more attractive places to live and work, how do we prepare to meet the increasing demand for services and amenities while also promoting cohesiveness in urban communities?

We’re excited to announce that we’ve selected the top 20 finalists for our CityConnect accelerator with each focused on tackling these issues head on. This past month, we have crowdsourced hundreds of ideas from entrepreneurs that address the most important urban challenges. It has been an incredibly difficult process to select our finalists.

Our disruptors

The 20 finalists in the running for the CityConnect accelerator each have a unique approach to shaping our cities, ranging across technologies and industries, including:

  • Urban planning solutions integrating 3D city models
  • A personalised utility account that follows you for life
  • Real-time emergency response systems
  • Big data on climate change adaption performance
  • Augmented reality for education in public spaces
  • Wellbeing for vulnerable people
  • Virtual reality bidding platform
  • Novel solutions to enhance housing affordability
  • Technology-augmented playgrounds  

Diversity of background

Not only are diverse ideas explored, there is also an incredible diversity in the background of the founders. Within the cohort there is representation across all five mainland states of Australia with founders across all age groups and an amazing gender split of 45% female and 55% male.

Road to bootcamp

Cities don’t just happen, they are actively shaped. We look forward to meeting the twenty finalists next week to refine and assess their ideas during the bootcamp – the final selection step before up to 10 will be selected to receive investment and a placement in the CityConnect accelerator in October.

The promise of the future is within our grasp. Now is the time for each of the finalists to reach out and grab it!